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December 28, 2017

The secret to happiness — is it all in your mind

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I was listening to a lecture from a Buddhist nun on youtube which incidentally is my source for knowledge about the universe as of 2017. She claimed that happiness derives from having a particular state of mind. This type of idea is rooted in Hindu ideology and is passed down like gospel.

However, I disagree. On Friday my state of mind was positive. I did all the things I wanted to do. I encountered a little traffic going to meditate but got there only a little late considering there was a bad accident on the 101 downtown. I had a good meal and tried a new restaurant as well. That evening I got lots of work done on my computer. My state of mind was positive, but I wasn’t happy. But, why?

Luckily I am smart enough not to listen to a bunch of dumb brainwashed Buddhists. What do they know? Happiness doesn’t come from the mind. It comes mainly from the heart.

Decisions should be made with the gut, especially when danger is involved (like dealing with the opposite gender.)
Happiness comes from the heart.
Consciousness comes from the soul and the brain.

What happened was my planets were all bad on Thurs and Friday. Really bad planetary combinations. I follow an astrologer who does my daily charts and has done so for a decade. She has 30 years experience. The result is that on good days, I get more done, feel better, and have better luck in general, although there are exceptions. On bad days, I might feel drained of energy. Good vs. Bad is not based on the kindergarden type of astrology you read in the newspaper where Leo’s need to watch their step (whatever that means.)

So, I felt horrible because my planets. My heart was also not feeling great. So, that evening I had some pasta with herbal pasta sauce which is mostly tomato. Tomatoes are super for the heart and can give you an improvement within hours as the fire element energy of the tomatoes sinks in. I am well versed in what foods represent what element. And what you eat affects your health in ways you can’t even imagine. And yes, it is complicated but interesting. So, don’t eat random foods. Eat what your body needs at a particular time. Trust your feelings.

But, for Notaries, I will make this suggestion which is based on what the Dalai Lama regularly says. If you think you life is horrible, you can feel better by comparing it to other people’s situation which could be worse.

Are you poor? People in foreign countries are a lot worse off. Even in Europe, gas is $9 per gallon and it costs $2 to park anywhere while in America it is generally free.

Are you single? Married people’s lives are horrible. All they do is argue and then fight with their kids.

Are you married? Think of how much better you are than single people who are lonely and have no stability in their relationships.

Are you black? Just think about what bad dancers white people are and you’ll feel better. Just say, “Thank God I’m not like that — I know how to shake it.”

Are you white? Just think about how much better off you are than the Chinese who can’t even use plural(s) correctly.

Are you a Notary? Just think about how much better of you are than non-Notaries. After all, your job is honorable and secures the integrity of million dollar transactions. Your job is the most important job in the whole wide world — assuming you do it correctly which is a lot to assume. But, Carmen will snap some sense into you if you talk to her so there is hope.

Happiness is partly derived from not wanting more than what you can have. Too many desires lead to misery. But, heart health matters a lot too. If you have a good state of mind, but your heart is not in good shape that is a problem. The heart is a very sensitive organ that can be hurt by a single harsh word or angry glance. Unfortunately, your heart health is only partly up to you, but highly sensitive to your external environment which includes the people you keep around you.

And last but not least, your planets affect your happiness, at least on a day to day level. So, try to have good planets and keep them in orbit.



  1. One thing is for sure: I find coverage here that I don’t find anywhere else.

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — December 29, 2017 @ 3:33 am

  2. Indeed. 123notary is a refreshing site for sure. I love it!!!! And – I definitely love your (Ken Edelstein) comments and notarial instructions–thank you! And I do appreciate Jeremy holding notaries to a higher standard. I was at a signing not long ago as a Witness. An attorney conducted the signing and did NOT swear the Borrowers in and did not do a Journal entry though he acted as the Notary. I was agape and aghast.
    I do think the readers should stay away from red vans and northern Massachusetts back roads where there are lurking slippery seals in an oil spill due to offshore drilling that Harvey Weinstein undoubtedly caused and the Buddhist nuns condoned. The cafĂ© that Jeremy described is most likely haunted by notaries who do not listen, do not care, do not swear people in, do not keep a Journal, and who rarely pick up their phones unless it is Harvey calling them, and, generally, who ain’t right and ain’t gonna get right. There are most certainly better roads and cafes in Gwinnett County, Georgia, where you are apt to find Your Favorite Mobile Notary enjoying a cuppa and studying Professor Closen’s new book. /Penny

    Comment by Penny — June 26, 2018 @ 3:37 pm

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