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November 9, 2017

Notary re-education camps — cold war style

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After the communists took over China they had a comprehensive cultural revolution and reeducation program where people were sent to camps to be brainwashed. They were told that evil bad capitalist governments lied so they could make more money through corrupt means while communist governments never lied because they had no reason to lie as their purpose in existence is for the benefit of the people.

Right now in communist China, the poor which consist of 90% of the population are being turned away for medical care unless they can pay some exorbitant rate. Additionally 100,000,000 Chinese are being uprooted from their homes and forced to live in smaller cities throughout the country where they have no jobs. So much for acting on the benefit of the people. It looks more like they are destroying the lives of their own people. I call it inverse-communism. Whatever the opposite of communism is, is exactly what China is doing these days. Perhaps they will come to their senses and be a little more helpful to the people.

In any case, in 2025, America is taken over by very meticulous Notaries led by Jeremy. Jeremy is so fed up with poor standards for Notaries that he requires all Americans to be reeducated. People are taken away from their families sent to camps in the countryside and taught the value of hard work, being at one with “The people” and the value of using an NNA inkless thumbprinter and non-ink embosser. Chairman Jeremy will teach the people that his government is honest and has no reason to lie as it represents the integrity of business transactions with thumbprints, biometrics, digital signatures, and lectures if anyone does anything Jeremy doesn’t like.

Chairman Jeremy will have everyone call each other “Notary Comrade”, and abide by all Notary rules at all times. Just don’t say anything about the regime or the Red Guards will be at your front door. Remember, the walls have ears!

Speaking of reeducation camps, at the end of the Vietnam war, a South Vietnamese commander was sentenced to three days of reeducation. They did not release him for 17.5 days. I think that a four day course taught by your state with hands on training for all possible Notary scenarios would be sufficient for Notary reeducation. But, what do you think?

Most Notaries don’t know what they are doing, so education is the key, not re-education.


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