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December 27, 2017

The immigration debate; both sides are missing the point

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The standard points of view about immigration are as follows.

People who are pro immigration want more immigrants. Maybe their family came from somewhere else and want their extended family to relocate to the United States, etc.

People who are selective about immigration only want people who can fulfill certain economic roles in the United States that cannot be easily filled by the locals. People who are against extensive immigration want to limit people’s extended families from coming over.

Neither point of view makes any sense. When you let someone into your country to work in a system that doesn’t enforce laws, they will never leave. If that person jumped a fence or swam across a river to come here .They will stay indefinitely and bring their entire family over and create a huge presence. It is true that we have a labor shortage in many parts of the United States. But, the reality is that many parts of America are being taken over by people who share no cultural integration with society.

Although we need labor in the United States, the bigger issue is the long term effects of immigration. When a person comes in legally or otherwise, they normally have children or import their children. Then, their children have children, etc. If those families are intrinsically nice families, that that will be a favorable outcome. If those families are criminals or hate America, or hate Americans, it would be very negative for them to be around.

When you let an immigrant into the United States because they know how to do a particular job, you are not only letting them in, but their children, children’s children, and children’s children’s children and so on and so on and so on (sounds like an Amway distritributorship.) If you let in one guy because he knows how to fix jet engines, but his family is horrible, in the long run we all lose. But, if you let in some really wonderful person who does not know how to do any special job, he might be more likely to have wonderful children.

Immigration is like a marriage. If you marry someone who is a horrible person just because he makes a good living, or is part of your religious sect, in the long run you lose even though your short term goals will have been met. If you marry someone who makes a passable living but who will love you and be a good partner in the long run, your family will probably be better off. With marriage you are stuck with that person until death do you part. With immigration you are stuck with that immigrant’s children and descendents who might be model citizens or gansta’s. Do the math!

My solution
It is more sensible to have two types of immigration. Those who move here to become part of society, and another type for those who fulfill some short-term economic necessity for the United States like knowing how to do neuro-surgery. For those who are economic in nature, having a separate economic zone would be a great way for us to get services of foreign nationals where the nationals could live in their own cultural areas. Having tens of millions of people live in our society who want nothing to do with our society in the long run creates frictions and doesn’t seem worth it. For those who wish to live in our society, they should embrace it and accept us –otherwise the entire United States will end up like Los Angeles where nobody will talk to you unless you are from their country! I’m exaggerating, but it is very much like this a lot of the time with many of the residents here. Food for thought!



  1. Very well put!

    Comment by Richard — June 23, 2018 @ 3:45 am

  2. Jerry, thank you, you are so right. Your words have improved my image of you as a person and I have to apologize for misjudging you. Thank you also for the continual reminders of the right way to run our business ethically and legally. So many do not realize the importance and long range effects of a notary’s responsibility. Thank you, too, for the business I receive by way of 123 Notary. Keep up your good work.

    Comment by Dorris S. Cox — June 23, 2018 @ 1:40 pm

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