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October 6, 2017

A dream about Baskin Robbins

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Running 123notary is quite grueling. If I sometimes (or usually) seem impatient, it is because I have so many things to do and not enough time. Sometimes after working many hours I like to go out for ice cream. As a child we had Baskin Robbins nearby. But, in my neighborhood, they closed down the only 31 flavors many years ago. But, I was in San Gabriel in a Chinese neighborhood where they still have them. So, I got pistachio almond which did not exist when I was little. There is something about the texture of their ice cream. I just don’t like the new boutique creameries as much as good old fashioned Baskin Robbins.

But, then I had a dream. I was confronted with a tray with twelve scoops of ice cream in a kitchen. But, I only had one. I guess I had this dream because their ice cream meant so much to me. After that I had a dream about a psycho Notary who I had a problem with.


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