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October 24, 2017

More Notary Questions from Ken

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You realize at the shipping depot that you forgot to double check the loan package. Upon inspection you notice that the borrower did not initial the signed signature page of the Note.

1. You make a copy of the page, email it to the borrower, requesting they initial it and FAX it to your employer, then you ship.
2. Knowing you will miss the drop off, you return to the borrower for the missing initials, and ship the next day, happy that the package is now complete.
3. Initials are not required on signed pages, so you ship with a post-it at the top of the package noting the missing initials.
4. You add the missing initials with a different color pen so they will know it was a notary correction then ship.

You are in Kansas and the property is in Montana. You have been directed to make no changes whatsoever to the docs. How do you notarize the Mortgage (State of Montana. County of Snow).

1. Leave the Venue as is, following directions to the letter, notarize directly on the Mortgage without any changes
2. Change the Venue to where the notarization takes place, crossing out the values and initialing the changes
3. Attach a new notarization to the Mortgage, ignoring the notary section that was preprinted.
4. Call the Title Company and do whatever they tell you to do.

The airbill appears fuzzy, you only have access to a dropbox, you were directed to make sure it is shipped same day.
1. It’s their airbill, use it and drop in the box.
2. Nobody answers (Signing Service, Title Co., etc.) so leave message and hold for instructions
3. Scan and email entire package to every email address involved and wait for instructions
4. Leave messages, scan & email & ship

Loan Officer sends you an email authorizing backdating the notarization to yesterday to preserve the borrower rate lock
1. Accommodate the request as you have proof that it was authorized
2. Ignore the backdate request and proceed using today’s date
3. Return (dump) the job
4. Let the borrower choose what date is to be used

Borrower signed in your place in the notary section
1. Start over using the appropriate page from the borrower copy
2. Strike and initial the error (notary & borrower initial) and sign nearby
3. Reversals are acceptable, you sign where the borrower normally signs
4. Strike and initial the error (only notary initials the strike) and sign nearby

You are 5 miles from borrower and freezing rain starts to accumulate; you gave your assurance this would be completed on time
1. You proceed to the borrower driving slowly and carefully
2. You call everyone to tell them you are dumping the job and heading home
3. Drive normally to borrower so you will not be late
4. You call borrower and tell them to meet by your house



  1. Where are the answers? A few of these could be one or more correct, so I’m interested in which you believe are correct and why.

    Comment by Tim Gatewood — December 26, 2017 @ 9:26 pm

  2. You make a copy of the page – it can fund without that initial, they need to have package
    Attach a new notarization to the Mortgage – rule not broken, result is legal
    Scan and email entire package to every – shipping might result in loss or major delay
    Ignore the backdate request – do the job legally, other issues other peoples problems
    Start over using the appropriate – lots neater borrower gets error page (might need to void notary stamp)
    You call everyone to tell them you are dumping – I don’t drive on glare ice for a signing fee – want to avoid autopsy

    Comment by Kenneth A Edelstein — May 29, 2018 @ 4:14 pm

  3. Initials on signature page: where there is a signature page, there are not generally requirements for initials in addition, but if there is a requirement you need to meet the requirement. Call the signing company and request further instructions – do they want it dropped or do they want you to return? You do what it takes to finish the job.

    Venue – you must indicate the current venue, not the location of the property. Often times this information is pre-filled and done so incorrectly. You must cross out, initial and populate with the correct information. Also, don’t forget that if you don’t have a Commission in said state, you can’t notarize there!

    Airbill – I never would have gotten to the dropbox with a fuzzy airbill. Check your packages before leaving on assignment!

    Backdating – it’s illegal to backdate a notary certification, NEVER DO IT

    Borrower signing error – aren’t Borrower Copies wonderful? They always come in handy just for these types of situations!

    Freezing rain – rain, sleet, snow or hail – this Signing Agent always arrives, even if it’s late. But, of course, I check my weather before I leave and if I think it’s possible I’ll be late I communicate with both my signing company and my Borrower letting them know what to expect. Communicate!

    Comment by Kelli Rosellini — May 29, 2018 @ 4:38 pm

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