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October 5, 2017

Life at the bottom of the food chain

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Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain
Before we consider the “bottom dwellers” let’s consider the lofty top of the food chain. Some animals have virtually no known predators; nothing “hunts” for them. Some great examples are the Alligator and Crocodile. Consider the big cats, Lion and Tiger. When these animals are in their “prime” – no worries for them. Only the human is a threat; and then only with guns. They are supreme in their environment until very old, or when they are very young. It’s nice to be on top; basically you don’t get eaten, you eat “lesser” forms of life.

Notaries dwell at the bottom of the document processing food chain. You put more effort into a package than the LO. But, it’s the LO who gets the big rewards. The same is true to a lesser degree for the middle of the chain entities. They, Title, Escrow, Bank, SSS (Sleazy Signing Service) and others feed off of the work of the lowly notary (lower case used due to status).

We create with our signature, stamp and seal the only “legal” (admissible in Court without the signatory present) documents. Nobody else has that authority. So why is it that they receive, a “piece of the action” – a percentage of the transaction; and we do not? Have you noticed that some of the paperwork passing thru your hands has seven figure amounts; yet your fee peaks at just barely three figures or even two?

You must do this, you must do that, you must sign an absurd document notarizing your own statement. We will decide when and even if we choose to belatedly throw you some crumbs for your efforts. What don’t you understand? You are required to sit, beg, and rollover on command.

We want the notaries we hire to be absolutely clear that we consider their time worthless. You are expected to wait, wait and wait till we snap our fingers. As an aside I used to play a similar game with my Beagle. I would put a dog yummy on the tip of his nose. He looked somewhat cross eyed at the treat, waiting till I snapped my fingers. Then Nipper would quickly open his snout, flipping the treat upward; followed by catching the yummie in his jaws. Nipper had a sure thing, he always got the treat; unlike many notaries who snap their jaws shut on empty air; after a lengthy wait. That wait being for doc or their pay, or affiants “in conference” when they arrive.

Feeding time at the Gator farm. They throw a (thankfully dead) chicken into the moat. The Gators race to see who is first to consume the usually small bird. That kinda sounds like the Tweet (Pavlov used a bell to make dogs salivate) sent to dozens of notaries, vying for a tiny fee. The first to respond is committed to an assignment based on virtually non-existent info. How slick is that for them? Do I hear someone singing “fools rush in where wise men fear to go”?

It’s really a matter of respect. We all accept the fact that “most” of our employers have little regard for us; that is a given. What is disturbing to me is that many, strike that, most notaries do not appear to respect themselves. Why else would they subjugate themselves to bottom of the food chain treatment? We don’t have a Union, there is no “price fixing” (on our side of the fence) and the “National Organizations” suggest we accept poverty as our standard of living. If there is ever to be positive change – each individual must reject exploitation both in pay and in treatment. Aint nobody gonna look out for you – your gonna hafta look out for yourself.


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  1. Amen! Fellow Notaries, Newbies and Pros alike, please say no to the mistreatment, disrespect and sometimes abusive SS! If we all set our own, reasonable yet profitable, limits and fees, and stick to them….we can encourage change.

    Comment by CaliNotary — May 19, 2018 @ 6:07 am

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