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August 29, 2017

123notary Silver Certification (coming soon)

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123notary has tried various certifications over the years. We tried the basic, and elite. However, the basic one was good for life. The problem with that is that I could not check up on people. So, many Notaries had the basic that it would be too hard to check up on people anyway. Additionally, many cheated on the online test by having others do the test for them while many also memorized the answers rather than learning the concepts. The elite test was far too advanced for 98% of our Notaries, so that was not an idea that revolutionized the site either. So, my new idea is to have a silver or gray certification for serious Notaries.

In the old days, the emphasis was on knowing the documents. We quizzed people on documents, the Right to Cancel, initialing, and handling issues at signings. However, we have been finding that the biggest problems with signing work these days has more to do with not being a good Notary rather than not being a good signing agent. Not getting documents back on time and being rude or not following directions are also serious problems. So, it seems that knowing the documents is the least important thing these days, especially as Lenders are doing such a much better job explaining the documents to the borrowers themselves. So, now the emphasis is on being a good Notary.

123NOTARY SILVER CERTIFICATION will differ in its branding from the Green or basic certification and Elite in various ways.

1. The book will be online in the blog and free.
2. The test will be by phone and 24 or more questions. Questions will be on mandatory topics and will not come from a pool of general questions. There might be a pool for each specific topic of question such as multiple questions for Jurats where I would only ask one particular Jurat question at a test.
3. A 90% test average will be necessary to pass and in a limited time period for questions that range from easy, medium and a few hard ones.
4. Questions will be based on:
(a) Notary Work (Acknowledgments, Jurats, Oaths, Affirmations, Journals, Identification, Prohibited Acts, Seals, etc.)
(b) Power of Attorney (technical terms, signing procedures, etc.)
(c) Loan Documents and signing procedures
(d) Handling situations and following directions.

5. The silver certification will also consider having a proper attitude, and communicating well. If you ask me to repeat half of what I say, you cannot qualify for silver.

6. The silver certification will be good for four years with mandatory pop quiz questions by phone every year to ensure that you answer your phone, still have a good attitude, and haven’t forgotten everything you are supposed to know.

7. The silver course will come with tutoring from Jeremy and Carmen to ensure that the students learn the materials well enough to pass our tough test.

1. A take home ecourse or physical course.
2. Online testing
3. 15 questions that are random.
4. 86% pass rate on relatively easy questions.
5. No recertification necessary although I do ask pop quiz questions from time to time to make sure you did not cheat.

1. A physical take home book.
2. An over the phone test on only the most sophisticated aspects of loan signing. Elite is not such much practical as it was for the most elite caliber of Notaries.

The problem with our Green certification is that after the fact during pop quizzes we only require a 60% knowledge rate on the basic questions, although over the phone we ask harder questions so we are not comparing apples to apples. Too many people forget what they knew or cheated on the test. The other problem is that many Notaries are getting very old and senile. Some have Alzeimers or dimentia while others have had strokes or serious health problems that affect their thinking, level of motivation and attitude. We need a certification where we have less of a quantity of certified notaries, but keep track of them regularly and require high standards.

123notary will network with signing companies and get them to endorse our silver certification. We will train their notaries for them as a reward for referring people to us. Since our silver standard will be highly manicured and well maintained, it will be to the advantage of signing companies to use these Notaries. We predict that we will only be able to get about 400 silver Notaries, but that they will be hand trained and be the best Notaries on the market.

My rules for using silver certified Notaries will be as follows. If you officially endorse the silver standard, you must pay $100 minimum per signing to silver certified Notaries and pay within 15 days. Otherwise you will get in trouble and 123notary would have to reject your endorsement. If 15 days is too hard to enforce, I might have to extend the policy to 30 days. I’m not sure how this is going to work as we have never tried anything like this before.


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  1. Jeremy: I admire your thoughts on making the profession better. Which profession are you working on? Being a Notary or a Certified Loan Closing Agent! I also feel you crossed the line, I am 72, you say I am ” old and senile have Alzeimers or dimentia, have had a stroke or serious health problems that affect my thinking, level of motivation and attitude.” Are you a licensed physician? You do not even know me and we have never met. On another of your articles you state in humor you are the Notary God! I thought the NNA who state they represent over 4.3 million notaries was the god. You also state that notaries cheat on the testing. Another shot at deeming the integrity of the notary profession which is hunbdreds or should I say centuries old and held in high esteem because we are supposed to be beyond reproach, honest and disinterested parties, we may be the second oldest profession as well!!

    The NNA, even though they denie it started the SPW behind everyones back (CNSA) which has by and large has fallen apart for many resons. If standards and testing are to be the norm, then the CFPB should be the ones to estableish training, certification and the other standards for the industry. You are spot on for the pay issue, but are we being compensated for notary work or loan closing. Those are two different tasks, the notary side by the Sec. of State and the rules of the individual state for procedures and fees. The loan closing is an additional part of the job. Fees should be based on notary work and loan closing work. In many states the fee for the notary work per closing if applied would exceed what the total fee provided is. As far as being paid in a timely manner what legal arm do you have to enforce that. Signing and Title companies say we are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, yet step over the line with all the rules and control they use. We are not independent, they set the appointment, set the fee and tell us all the who, what, where and how. The only independence is to accept the task or not. The BGS is one of those issues. The NNA/SPW set a criteria, who authorized them to do that? If there is a standard for the screening and a screening company can perform that screening per the criteria then everyone should accept it. But no we have to have a particular company do it. Many of us have to have 3-4 different screenings performed yearly to work with various companies. Lets’ fix that as well.

    Notaries also pay to be on your list. All as usual works by Supply and Demand. The NNA has created an over supply of CNSA who may or may not be good notaries, that has driven down the fee schedule for one. When demand is high for CNSA work a few dollars here or there to be on a list is one thing. But when work is slow or there are too many CNSA in an area the work becomes a hobby, no one makes a living and agencies who need CNSA are not loyal to good ones, only cheap ones. So what I see is someone who wants to make it better by throwing the wet noddles on the wall and seeing what will stick. The NNA tried that approch and mucked up the waters. Change is necessary, what the change is still has to be established, then a concerned effort needs to be made with notaries on board to push the adjenda to the correct forum for change be it the CFPB or some other regulatory agency. One that has the force to make the changes happen and enforce thase rules and regulations.

    Comment by Daniel Stephens — September 25, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

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