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June 1, 2017

No Sciliciting

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Troy had a Notary office downtown. Business was brisk sometimes, but not others. His customers were very inquisitive. They wanted to know about all of the Notary jargon on the forms. He had to explain what venue meant, the difference between Acknowledgment and Jurat, and more. But, one day some bums were hanging out in front of Troy’s Notary office. Troy had to deal with customer when he felt he should kick those bums out.

So, his intellectual client showed his ID, signed the journal, signed the document, watched the Notary fill in the venue, and then asked, “What is scilicit?”

Troy said, “I’ll show you.” Troy then went outside with the client and yelled at the bums outside and said, “First of all, no public drinking allowed, and second —- NO SCILICITING.”

Then Troy and the client went back inside and asked the client if he had any more questions? The client said he did not. Then Troy said, “Scilicit actually means — namely or in particular, and is a term used in the venue of a Notary Acknowledgment and abbreviated to the form S.S. Then the client said, “Oh good, for a moment, I thought the Nazis had taken over the Notary business.” Then Troy informed him that they had not, but down the street there is a guy who wanted to be on Seinfeld who is called, “The Notary Nazi — No Notarization for You!”


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