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February 22, 2017

Notary study skills are poor. But, raising rates would attract better blood

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The Notary industry needs new blood. But, people who are good at school normally have better options unless they want to slow down and enjoy a life with more freedom. The fact is that only 25% of our Notaries on board have passed our very easy certification test which only involves a few hours of study.

People who are Notaries today do not have the best study skills and do not realize how critical their tasks are. The Secretary of State Notary Divisions also don’t get it. To attract professional people, you need to offer higher rates, and perhaps higher minimum rates. You need to prevent sloppy people from getting into this industry to begin with. 123notary’s Elite Certified members are more studious as a bunch, but they represent only 2.5% of the total. California just raised its maximum rate for an Acknowledged signature to $15, but there is no minimum which makes it possible to get a Notary to work for peanuts as there are several hundred thousand others who can do the same job.

I am normally against the idea of minimum wage. But, there is so much exploitation and sloppy service in this business that I believe the solution is to put more money on the table and attract a better crowd. I can’t guarantee that paying more would attract more people. It might attract the worst quality Attorneys out there who can’t make a living doing Attorney work. Some of them answer Notary and signing questions so poorly that the average Non-Attorney notary could out-do them without even trying.

Maybe it would be better to have a minimum wage as an experiment to see if a higher quantity of more educated people would sign up, especially if the industry players decided to have higher standards. On the other hand, it might require fees of up to $300 per signing to attract motivated people rather than desperate people. I guess we’ll never find out!


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  1. Some of them answer Notary and signing questions so poorly that the average Non-Attorney notary could out-do them without even trying.
    Just keep in mind that the Attorney is NOT “on your side” – you aint paying the Attorney – and YOUR best interest is not considered.

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — February 22, 2017 @ 9:10 pm

  2. The maximum in Virginia is $5.00 per notarial act. Nobody can make a living as a notary without working in a bank or law office or copy shop notarizing as a part of some other position. Working as a settlement agent still only supplements another job or pension. No wonder nobody wants to study for certification classes that don’t increase potential earnings.

    Comment by Elise Dee Beraru — April 27, 2017 @ 6:52 pm

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