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March 2, 2017

Why you don’t want to be a mobile Notary in NW New Mexico

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There are certain parts of the USA that you just don’t want to be a mobile notary. The reason is that you don’t want to drive through these areas. You might see these particular parts as innocuous or benign in nature, but there are strange and unexplainable things that happen.

There are several parts of the USA that you should avoid driving through, particularly at night. I know what you are thinking. Gang infested neighborhoods in Chicago or New York. Yes, you might think twice before driving through one of those no fly zones at night. But, what I’m talking about are haunted areas.

There is a part of New Jersey right near the New York border in a remote area where there is a haunted road. Mythological animals appear out of nowhere. There is a ghost truck that follows people flashing its lights. There is also a ghost in the lake. If you throw a quarter into the lake, the ghost will make the quarter land on your car down the road. Driving on this road at night is dangerous and not recommended partly due to the twists and turns, but partly because people freak out and get in deadly accidents.

There is also a part of Northwest New Mexico that is intrinsically haunted. But, the haunting there was much more severe. The highway route 666 had to be renamed 491 because it brought such bad luck. This was a highway that went North South from Shiprock down to the 40 in Gallup. In any case, there was an abnormally high rate of flat tires as well as a report of a ghost van that would run you over if you didn’t get out of the way. In more extreme cases, a few bikers were eaten alive by some rabid dogs that appeared out of nowhere called, “The hounds of hell.” In the four corners area, there are creatures called shapeshifters who are human witches who can turn themselves into dogs. They can run at 60 miles an hour and have magical abilities and only divine grace can save you from these creatures. Being in that part of the country terrifies me because I have hears all to many stories, and have a few ghost stories of my own.

The reality is that even 100 miles away from this infamous highway, near Dulce, NM I got a flat tire for no reason. My tire was relatively new, and a screw penetrated it from the side at a 45 degree angle. Also, while I was fueling up in Utah not far from the four corners area, my gas pump didn’t shut off spilling a gallon of gas all over the sidewalk. These occurances were due to mischevous spirits who wanted to have fun.

So, if you are a mobile Notary, know the roads you are traveling on. Because otherwise you might end up on route 666.


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  1. This can’t all be true?

    Comment by NotaryDog — March 15, 2017 @ 10:58 am

  2. When I saw the title of the article about have to serve NW New Mexico, I first thought of distances to travel in remote areas. As a result, I remember a signing Sign On Time did in Little Field, AZ a few years ago. We are based in Mesa, in the Phoenix area and were asked to sign mortgage docs in Little Field, which is located near the N. Rim of the Grand Canyon, just barely South of Utah, and just East of the Nevada/AZ border. The call for the signing was from a Title Company back east. When we quoted a fee of $400.00, the Title Company said that was too high. We suggested contacting a mobile notary in Flagstaff. The Escrow Officer was unable to find anyone in Flag and finally agreed to pay us our fee of $400.00. To get there and back took 7 hours each way, including driving from the Phx. area to Las Vegas, then East into Arizona again to Little Field,AZ, due the signing, and drive back to Mesa.
    Was it worth it? Maybe not but we wanted to service our customer.

    Comment by Rodrigo Jones — April 26, 2017 @ 5:17 am

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