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November 28, 2011

How do I find a notary public?

How do I find a notary public?
Finding a notary public is easy.  Do you need a notary office where you can go to?  Or, do you want a mobile notary who will travel to you for an extra travel fee?
How do  I find a notary office?
Try your local yellow pages and find a local UPS store, mail boxes store, or someone who advertises as a notary public.  Many attorneys, insurance offices, bail bonds offices, and real estate offices will have a notary public on staff.
How do I find a mobile notary?
Just use www.123notary.com and look up by zip code or use our  find a notary page. We have thousands of mobile notaries throughout the United States who can help you day or night. They will be happy to come to your home, office, movie set, hospital, jail cell, or meet you at a cafe somewhere.  There are many uses for mobile notaries, so make sure you find someone who is experienced in the particular type of job you have in mind.  Jail, hospital, and power of attorney signings are trickier than normal, so make sure you find someone experienced in those particular types of jobs if you need to hire someone for that type of work. 
What if I don’t have current identification?
You need to let the notary public know what type of identification you have before they see you.  If you drivers license is expired, you will generally not be able to use it as identification with a notary public.  Identification acceptable to notaries must be a current government issued photo ID with a physical description, signature, serial number, and expiration date.
What if I need help filling the document or drafting the document?
I would advise that you DO NOT bother notaries with questions about documents. That is very far outside what they are authorized to do or advise you about. If you have questions with documentation, ask an attorney, or find someone qualified in whatever the subject matter of the document is.  Notaries notarize signatures on documents and sometimes certify copies of powers of attorneys and give Oaths.  They are not supposed to do much more than that.  Rules differ state by state.

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