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September 8, 2016

Notary University

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Many Notaries just don’t get it. They sound so illiterate…

“I have my Notary,” she exclaimed.

There is no such thing. You get a Notary commission. Then, there are the customers who want to find a Noterizer. Sounds like what they really want is Arnold Schwartzenager to be their Notary or Noterator. But, what if there were a place you could get a real Notary education? Like a Notary University.

SAMANTHA: “Like, I’m so excited about ID 101, I’m taking that my very first semester.”

GARY: “That’s so cool. I’m taking borrower psychology 203 to understand what’s going on in their head when they read the Closing Disclosure.”

SAMANTHA: “Like really, like if they’re actually understanding a single word of it.”

GARY: “What do you think about taking Spanish for Notarizations 104. You learn how to say Notario, but then they tell you that you aren’t allowed to be one. What’s up with that?’

SAMANTHA: “Well, maybe they don’t want you impersonating an immigration expert or Attorney Notary. In other countries, being a Notary is like a high class thing.”

GARY: “Well it would be a lot more high class here if you could get a Masters in it.”

SAMANTHA: “Like yeah!!! But, check out my stamp thing. Do you actually know how to use this thing?”

GARY: “I’ve taken twelve courses at the Notary University over the last two years, and you know something… I haven’t gotten to the course where they tell you how to use a seal. Shouldn’t that come first?”

SAMANTHA: “Like, maybe they want you to like know what you’re doing before they hand you one of those. Otherwise you might use it wrong, right?”

GARY: “Right… Well anyway, time for PE class. We’re playing seal ball. You have to balance the ball on your nose like our school’s mascot Tony the Notary Seal does. Wish me luck.”


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