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September 1, 2016

The Notary Corporation

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Why can’t there be a Notary Corporation? Well, now there is one. The Notary Corporation sells seals, forms, embossers, insurance and more. But, you can buy stock in their company. The catch is that you have to buy stock for a term of four years just like a Notary commission. So, maybe the stock is more like a stock option. Then, there are dividends.

One Notary claimed he got his dividend every 90 days But, Shellie said she kept billing the company and billing them and got nothing. Tammie said she got disconnected phones and the runaround.

Can you imagine if a Corporation behaved the same way signing companies sometimes do? They would be shut down by the authorities. There are rules for how financial institutions can behave and what they can do. But, Notary companies are like the wild wild west and can get away with anything. Why? Because Notaries let them get away with anything.

If all Notaries had standards for who they worked for, how fast documents arrived and how fast they got paid, there wouldn’t be this type of problem.

Earnings were down during the 1st quarter as seal sales went down, but analyst expect that purchases of embossers in the 2nd quarter will be brisk. Then, their stock price took a dive after they got a HELOC to finance a buy-back strategy. Whether or not the Notary Corporation is a good investment, analysts say they will get bought out in the next few years, or go out of business if there is a sudden lull in demand for Notaries. Are you in good hands?


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