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August 23, 2016

A lesson from the barnyard

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A Lesson from the Barnyard

It was a mild spring morning and the little pony decided to visit other areas of the barnyard. All winter the pony was in the corral listening to horse talk. It was time to make some new friends. The first stop was to the pig pen, and that resulted in the first shock of the day. The little pony had been raised responsibly, and knew some language was bad talk. At the pig pen the pony heard one pig call another a porker, others kept referring to their peers as hams. The pony knew these were offensive to pigs and was confused that such language was thrown about in the pen.

A bit shaken from the pig pen jargon, the pony wandered over to the grazing area for the cattle. Once again the pony was to overhear offensive jargon. One of the big bulls called another walking prime rib, even worse that same bull called a cow burger meat. Even the cows were part of the coarse language. One said the other looked like Elsie on milk cartons. One group by the water trough would not let others drink; they kept referring to them as bovine slime.

The wise little pony knew such behavior was improper. Thinking this might be a mammal problem, the pony decided to see if the fowl behaved in a more civil manner. It was just as bad there. One chicken with a smirk referred to another as a poor layer, deriding the quality and quantity of eggs produced. A rooster pecked at an older rooster while crowing that the older bird’s morning crow sounded human. Even the turkeys, true to their species acted foul. Even Perdue would not take you, and you’re not fit for Thanksgiving – were common slurs.

Much confused by the abundance of insulting remarks, the little pony returned to the stable to speak to Mama and Papa horse. The mare and the stallion were very wise. They explained to the little pony that species specific and horrific language was common within a group of the same species. That explanation did not make much sense to the little pony. The wise for its years pony said that it was still wrong. And the parents had to agree. They all discussed how reserved jargon of an insulting nature remains improper even when limited to a group of the same species. It was often overheard by other species and became part of their vocabulary.

Then, the same terminology was used by other species to refer to members of species different from the one talking. That resulted in hostility and bad feelings. The listener felt abused. It was OK within species but not outside of that grouping. Clearly a double standard bound to lead to conflict and bad feelings, as had often been the case. A meeting was held on the farm to resolve the problem and eliminate the potential for hurt feelings and possible violence.

The horses led the discussion. Terms such as glue factory and nag would be forbidden to all. The same logic would apply to all the animals. They would refer to each other, both within the same species and externally with respect. The double standard that some phrases were acceptable within species, but not outside; was abolished. Simply agreeing to not use derogatory speech was the solution, and soon all lived happier lives. One of the sheep suggested that humans might follow this simple policy and this blog entry was sent by them for you to reconsider your ways.

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  1. George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Animal Farm – Some are more equal than others.

    Comment by Katrina — August 31, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

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