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June 21, 2016

Want some Extra Hours in your day?

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Want some Extra Hours in your day?

No, I am not going to ask you to turn off your cell phone for a day. Most of you would prefer two fish hooks to be embedded deeply, one in the palm of each hand. I get it. Your cell phone being on is not a discussion item. OK. So – let’s turn to the next greatest waste of hours in our day.

Now, for ease of typing, I need to define a term. My term is “canned stuff”. Canned stuff includes TV, Radio, the gadget that plays MP3 and other stored audio and, with some trepidation – I dare to include the use of the internet or a PC! You were unwilling to turn off the cell phone for a day, how about daring yourself to do without canned stuff for a day? Yup, I dare you to attempt survival for 24 hours without canned stuff. And no cheating by using that cell phone to obtain canned stuff.

Someone totally out of shape should not enter a lengthy running marathon. Exercise extreme caution! You have just turned on your mind – without the barrage of “attention getters” you are now thinking on your own. The pooch’s leash has been unhooked from the collar; Fido can roam around and sniff the flowers. No longer must the hound walk at your speed and by your side. It’s the same when you shut off the distractions – your mind is free from being directed.

I’m not asking you to forever give up your canned stuff. I probably would have to teleport you to very Remote Island for that to happen. Just one day, twenty four little hours, the sun and the flowers …..

Sorry. You need a battle plan. It’s not going to be easy. Chances are you are in a rut; you turn to the devices almost without thinking. Well, here is a simple way to break that chain of mental bondage. Just put a Post-It on the banned items. One on the TV screen (or the remote) some on the gadgets, and without any doubt; one dead center of the PC monitor. Keep the message on the Post-Its simple: NO

It’s a bit scary, you feel like a Borg disconnected from the Collective. The voices and images from others no longer fill your consciousness. Kinda like Peter Pan while singing “I’m flying” – it does take some “getting used to”. You might think “what should I be doing”, or you might just reason out a solution to a problem situation that, till now, seemed unsolvable. While immersed in canned stuff you only had a small part of your brainpower to call your own. Think of a V8 engine with only two spark plugs. If you were really immersed in the canned stuff, think of that same car without any engine whatsoever.

As usual, real self improvement has to come from within. It does not come from government, school, work or parents. That’s why it’s called “self” improvement. Is eliminating canned stuff a path to self improvement? Perhaps, perhaps not. Some, lacking the mental spoon feeding that occupies their minds will steer a course toward mischief. There is much truth in the old “The Devil finds work for idle hands”. However, I submit the defense of that is to have an active mind, even if the hands are idle.

Now to honor my promise to you. The title offered some extra hours in your day. It should be obvious by now where I am going with this. If you survived the 24 hour “Cold Turkey” elimination of canned stuff; you surely can “cut back” on a regular basis. It won’t be easy. That “Siren Song” that lured ships to the rocks wants to hook you again. It will take discipline on your part. Perhaps doing it by the clock? Say, no canned stuff between 7PM and 9PM? Make your own rule and stick to it. Exceptions are the precursor of failure. So there you have it. I have given you two whole hours a day to think, be creative; and dwell only with your own thoughts. Take care, this is powerful stuff; there is no limit to mental energy.

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