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June 2, 2016

Health tips for Notaries to avoid cancer, etc.

We have too many Notaries getting cancer. It is a sign of the times, but can it be avoided? I say that it can be detered to a point. All of the pollution, stress, nuclear plants, GMOs, and pesticides really wreak havoc on our health. The worst foods for you are the ones we consume so regularly such as wheat and corn syrup. So be conscious about what you put into your body. But, what can Notaries do specifically?

If you cut up a lemon with the rind, boil it, and drink the liquid, this helps to shrink cancer cells according to the Chinese. Western health literature also acknowledges that lemons and oranges are the two of the most potent cancer fighting foods. We all have cancer cells in us even if we don’t “have” cancer. The idea is to keep them supressed and shrinking, otherwise we could get very sick and die.

Vitamin C
Do you keep vitamins in your car? We are in our cars all day long as mobile Notaries. A little C can help prevent diseases, and it is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Stay healthy with a little C every day. It also helps to energize you quite a bit.

Psillum Husk
Yes, fiber pills enhance regularity, keep that colon clean, and boost energy by reducing toxins and stuck energy in your body. Keep them in your trunk next to your C.

Grape Seed Extract
Anything that comes from a grape, grape skin, or grape seeds is good for you including a little wine. But, grape seed extract is one of the most potent anti-oxidants out there and is a scavinger looking for bad stuff in your body to neutralize. It also helps to clean up smaller blood vessels and cappilaries.

Dark Chocolate
My favorite. Don’t get this at a regular store, but only at a health food store as it must not contain milk fat or milk butter as that will neutralize the anti-oxidants. Pure dark chocolate with lecithin and vanilla is what you should have and cocoa butter is okay, but nothing alkaline! Dark chocolate is the most potent form of antioxidant known to mankind. So, if you see a Guatemalan, thank them for this contribution they made to mankind by sharing it (involuntarily) with the world 500 years ago under the name “xaco-atl” meaning foaming water. The Mayan warriors used this potion to stay healthy and as a war potion! And they will continue using this until the end of the world — oops too late!

There are other ways to stay healthy like eating fruits and salads. So avoid wheat, too much meat, and processed foods. Keep it natural and real plus take lots of antioxidants to keep your body safer against cancer which is killing so many Notaries. If the low-ballers don’t get you, cancer can! So, boil a lemon today (but, don’t drive one.)


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