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July 4, 2016

Cheesy ways to promote yourself

Do you take your Notary business seriously, but want more clients? Here are some easy ways you can go about it.

1. Notary clothing.
So far, nobody markets this, but if you go around town wearing a polo or t-shirt with the name and phone # of your mobile Notary business, you might have some old ladies following you around Whole Foods who need a Notary. If you are a beautiful blond you might have some annoying guys follow you too who claim to need a Notary, but really need a blond!

2. Notary beach towels
When you go to the beach, do you bring your Notary beach towel with your business name and number on it? Someone might need their snorkel notarized.

3. Notary signs on your car
Perhaps your car should have your biz name, phone number and basic details about your notary business. People will see you parked and get the information to call you.

4. Call hospitals and convalescent homes and give them your number. You often don’t even need to visit in person.

5. Call title companies within 90 minutes of you. Some of them might actually use you.

6. Notary doggie clothes.
Forget about the t-shirt idea, get your dog a Notary outfit. Pets are a great way to attract positive attention.

7. The Notary Drone
You can have a drone fly all over town marketing your notary work with a huge banner. Just don’t crash it into a landing 747 or you’ll be in huge trouble. Personally, I feel that drones are extremely dangerous and unpredictable and should be banned by the FAA, FBI, CIA, and KGB.

8. Give everyone you meet your Notary card.
In Japan, people give their card to everyone. So should Notaries! Just hand them out as a Notary marketing technique. Hi neighbor, I’m a Notary, here is my card.

9. The Notary Beach Embosser
This Notary seal will leave a raised impression in wet or dry sand with your name, county, commission number and expiration date. But, if the tide comes in too fast, your expiration date might be short lived!

That’s all for now!


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  1. My car signs actually work

    Comment by Ina — September 3, 2016 @ 5:23 am

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