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July 6, 2016

Wine Country Notary

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I just met a Notary who handles many areas in wine country. I asked this Notary which counties they covered. I offered them Sonoma, Napa, and Lake. But, he claimed not to know what these counties were. He told me what areas he serviced in his own terminology.

Regions Covered
I cover Russian River, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Sonoma Coast, Bennett Valley, and Knights Valley. I will also consider Redwood valley and Anderson Valley for a higher travel fee.

If you are tired of notaries that are “high-octane” and are finally ready for one who is “high-tannin,” you have come to the right Notary.

I am experienced with loan signings and am familiar with most varietals such as FHA Sauvignon and FHA Franc, VA Reserves, Refinances, Merlotifications, Purchases, Sales (by the case), and more. Call me if you would like to schedule a tasting (or a signing.)

What are signings with me like?
My signings are delightfully fruity and medium bodied with raspberry notes and a light finish — unless the Lender doesn’t return calls in which case a lingering finish might occur. If you are not sure what to sign, please let me recommend a 2009 Refinance or a 2011 Seller’s vineyard Syrah. Additionally, you might enjoy Notary Public Cabernet (yes it is a real central coast wine.) Call me if you want me to assist with your next signing.

I charge a $50 travel fee plus a $10 corkage fee per acknowledged cork and $10 per Jurat. Just raise your right glass and repeat after me — “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? If yes, then say cheers!” If we affix our stamp to a wine label, we only charge $1 per impression as we live for combining stamps and wines. If you have a short or small signing such as a “Petite Syrah” we charge less.

If you want to know which wine would go best with your loan, our recommendations are included in the cost of the signing. Think of us as your Sommelier Public. We could pair a Reverse Mortgage with a Reverse Riesling. It’s a regular riesling where the label was printed backwards — it happens. We also recommend doing a Seller’s package with a Syrah mix from the Central Coast. Also, consider a nice Italian Apostilaglianico Blanc for a great after signing drink.

We regret to inform our readers that we at Wine Country Notary have made a few mistakes. We did a signing for Barbara Bush and erroneously spelled her name “Barbera” like the varietal. A mistake of habit. Another mistake happened when we did a signing for a beautiful lady who flirted with us and made us blush while having a Rose.

At Wine Country Notary, there is nothing to whine about. Let us take the cork out of your next signing. BTW, if we are busy, please try our affiliate — DUI Signings


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  1. It’s good to know these things about wines. For a wine lover like me who loves to collect wines also, this terms can help me a lot to get the best wines which I can add to my collection.

    Comment by Torch Cigar Bar — September 27, 2016 @ 6:41 am

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