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May 22, 2016

How many loans have you signed?

Most Notaries cannot answer a question without rambling. If you ramble, I will assume that you are not a professional. A professional answers questions promptly without adding extra unwanted information or bending my ear. Keep in mind that signing companies have to deal with thousands of Notaries, and if each one rambles, the signing company will get a huge headache. I ask the same question to tens of thousands of Notaries. Most Notaries cannot answer my simple questions without giving vague answers or rambling. This is not professional.

ME: How many loans have you signed?

NOTARY: 5231

ME: Wow, did you count them?

NOTARY: No, my computer tracks my jobs for me.

ME: Wow, you are so prepared and professional.

Here are some other common responses which are not so professional sounding with my commentary in parentheses.

Notary #1 — Oh… ho ho ho. Gee… Gosh… I have no idea
Notary #2 — Um, well I used to tag along with my husband who is a professional signer and he has ten years experience. (perhaps I should hire him, not you with that answer.)
Notary #3 — Gee, well I did three yesterday. (not helpful)
Notary #4 — You mean this year? (If I meant this year, I would have specified this year.)
Notary #5 — Hundreds… (Does that mean 200, 500, or 1100? Not at all helpful.)

“How many loans have you signed?” is a question using the past perfect tense in the English language. I used to teach English to foreigners and I explained that past perfect means that you have completed or perfected an action. Past perfect is used to talk about actions that you have completed “so far” or in your life. How many loans have you signed grammatically means in your life since you were born. If you ask, “Since when?” you are communicating to me that you do not understand English grammar properly as a native speaker. If you don’t have an exact answer, an approximate answer of, “About 300” will do. Bottom line, if you can’t communicate clearly to me, I will assume you are not a professional notary, and I will probably be right.

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  1. That seemed pretty wordy for a professional . . . just sayin’. 🙂

    Comment by knightnotary — June 9, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

  2. Nine years a Notary. Many completed journals. Over 2 billion in Real Estate transactions. Scheduled before the end of 2016, another $400 million. This includes acquistion, disposition, consolidations and re-financing transactions. Enjoy my work.

    Comment by Ed Houtkooper — July 13, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

  3. Well I think it’s better you’re in the notary profession now, as your English language skills are, shall we say, a bit askew? “How many signings HAVE YOU DONE” is the PRESENT PERFECT and NOT the PAST PERFECT, which would be “How many loan signings HAD YOU DONE before becoming a tight-wire dancer?” that is, a past in the past. The PRESENT PERFECT refers to an action that started in the past and either has just finished (I have just turned the tv off.) or continues and probably will continue. “He has smoked 14 cigarette today.” And yes, I too am an ESL/TOEFL Test Prep teacher/Poet (6 books, oodles of individual poems, opps, I mean,401 individual poems published 😉 and a relative newbie Notary with only 157 notarizations under my belt, and, even with two loan signing certificates, have been and am and will be studying the NNA Handbook on loan signing (something like 500 pages to work through). I also think the so-called “training” for notaries is the pits, the profession is not treated seriously, no one can possibly take a 6 hr day seminar and think they’re ready to be a notary (even with passing a test: my state test in California was so easy half the class finished in 20 minutes: TOO easy). There should be hands-on seminars conducted and required for certification, and these seminars should be on-going throughout the year. As I teacher myself (Italian and TOEFL Test Prep) and a university graduate with 2 MAs as well – even someone like myself who loves to study found the preparation woefully inadequate, and even after a year of work, still feel I have things to learn. Why this profession is treated so superficially is beyond me – it’s serious work we do! I like being a Notary, and want to be a fully-knowledgeable one! For this, I have to do it myself, obviously.

    Comment by Janet Butler — July 16, 2016 @ 12:11 am

  4. Is there a difference between “how many loans” or “how many documents” have you notarized?

    Comment by jayszi — July 17, 2016 @ 11:02 pm

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