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April 10, 2016

Signing for a mother and daughter

Signing for a mother and daughter
The state was paying the daughter to provide elder care nursing to the mother.
The daughter had comingled their bank accounts.
The daughter asked the lender to make the terms of the loan allow her to live in the house for another year after her mother died.

The mother lost one foot due to diabetes and couldn’t walk because she didn’t exercise. The walker was in the back of the daughters closet.

An unfortunate Notary was called to notarize a loan for this mother and daughter “team.” The Notary gradually found out about the situation.

The lender didn’t return any calls to the mother, but only returned calls to the daughter. The mother considered cancelling the loan. The Notary advised her to strongly consider it and use the RTC form.

Most Notaries never see a situation so crazy as this. But, be prepared as they do happen.


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