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December 16, 2015

The signer who passed out & slid under the table

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A Notary did notarization for guy who regularly passes out. He passed out at the signing table during the signing. The wife said he would be up in 2 minutes. But, he didn’t get up for 10 minutes. The wife started to get worried now as he usually woke up long before this point. They called paramedics. Husband was having heart attack. They had to go to hospital as a result.

The lady asked Notary to asked them to come to the hospital or she would complain to the Title company. The loan amount 15,000 — this was the smallest loan the Notary had ever seen. In any case the Mortgage broker came the hospital to finish the signing. The Notary asked if she would get paid if the husband died.

The lady kept calling the Notary every day for 3 days to see if she was going to get her check. She kept calling to tell me that her husband didn’t die. The story ends with the husband living — for now. And yes, they got their measley $15,000 check. But, honestly, it doesn’t look like the husband will live much longer. Perhaps he needs to take some Q10 and take care of his heart better.


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