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November 11, 2015

The husband was on the run the wife explained

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One notary was assigned two loan modifications from two companies for the same town. The Notary communicated by phone with the signer(s). The wife explained that they couldn’t sign the loan because the husband was on the run. She had no idea where he was. Personally, I think life would be a lot eaiser if men came equipped with a GPS chip embedded in their forearm, but it doesn’t work that way — at least not in 2015. Perhaps with Obamacare we’ll all be chipped in a few years and have the government know where we are and what we’re doing.

In any case, the Mortgage companies didn’t accept no for an answer and demanded that the Notary do the signing. But, how can you do a signing if nobody is there to sign?

Signer on the run….
Signer on the run…
Can’t complete the signing
Man on the run…

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