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July 6, 2015

Get certified by whomever you advertise with in the long run.

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If you advertise with the NNA, get certified by them. If you advertise on Notary Rotary, get certified by them if they offer such a program. And if you advertise with 123notary, get certified by us. Don’t fight it. Just do it, because your listing won’t look professional without it and our browsers will notice the difference even if you don’t think it matters.

But, I would make sure you like 123notary before getting our test. If you are advertising with us, and haven’t decided if you want to make our relationship a long term deal, you might consider waiting. If you are sure you want to list with us for at least two years, then definitely invest in our certification as your listing will not produce the same number of jobs without it.

Give us a fair chance too. Many notaries who have a stripped down listing claim that they get little business from us. The fact is that there is business going around on our site, but that goes to notaries who have the most professional looking listings in their area. The ones with reviews, an informative notes section, high placement, 123notary Elite Certification, and perhaps a company name will get the first call most of the time. If your listing says, “I am a mobile notary, please call me,” that is not enough information to attract a serious buyer. If you try to write a great notes section and get a few reviews, then serious customers might call you for work. Don’t judge us until you have prepared your listing to be up to fighting strength, otherwise we’re not playing on a level playing field.

Many notaries mention that they are NNA certified in their notes section on our site. We learned that this statistically doesn’t result in any more or any less business. It is just a redundant note about yourself. Most notaries on 123notary are NNA certified, so claiming their certification differentiates you from the crowd as much as claiming that you have two arms and a nose. So, does everyone else. You need content on your profile that is different and better than the rest if you expect to get any serious business, and this takes work. Taking an hour or more to brainstorm about what to put in your notes section can really make a difference. Reading what others put in their notes sections will give you ideas.

Passing our certification test puts you in the top 25%
3% of our notaries are Elite Certified, and 25% are regular certified. Ask yourself if you want to be in the bottom 75%, or the top 25%? Put yourself in the position of a Title company looking at notaries on our site. Who would you call first? Would you call someone with the Elite emblem on your listing or someone who has no certifications? Would you call someone with a well organized comprehensive notes section or one with a one-liner? You might know how great you are, but others do not. So think from their perspective and prove how good you are. Get tested by impartial 3rd parties.


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