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April 9, 2015

123notary’s certification is highly valued by those who use our site

I have the same conversation thousands of times over and over with notaries.
“We don’t need your certification because we are already certified.”

Notaries who advertise with us don’t think they need to be certified. But, people who use our site are looking for that certification designation. You can win the argument with me about how you don’t need my certification. You can prevent me from making the income I get from selling the certification. But, you can’t force our users to hire you if you don’t have that certification. In the long one, you win the argument, but lose most of the jobs. People will still hire you if you are not 123notary certified — they just won’t hire you nearly as much.

Additionally, if you want to get a higher spot on 123notary and you haven’t passed our test, we will probably not invite you to have a higher spot. If we do sell you a higher spot, it will be at a higher price than we sell it to a 123notary certified signer since we feel that they represent us better. You get more pull at 123notary by cooperating with our testing programs. Most uncertified notaries are so uncooperative that they wouldn’t take our course if we offer it to them for free — and we often do.

Five reasons to get 123notary certified:

(1) 123notary certified notaries get 2.5x the jobs from our site that uncertified ones get.
(2) They get 78% more clicks to their listing than uncertified notaries get
(3) They get better discounts on high spots than uncertified notaries get
(4) They are twice as knowledgeable as uncertified notaries on 123notary.com
(5) They are welcome to have a free listing with low placement for as long as they like providing they login regularly and confirm their listing.


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  1. One more rather important point.
    (6) You will be offered the higher paying jobs.

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — April 9, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

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