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April 8, 2015

He got 7 reviews the same day and I suspected fraud

Twice or more per year I have a phone list of people to call about reviews. I get the same lame excuses every single time about how they don’t have time to ask for reviews, or how they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they asked, but nobody would write a review. Your success in this business depends on reviews, so figure out how to get them or you won’t survive too well. But, then there are the other types of people who get a few too many reviews. It all looks so questionable!

From time to time we’ll have someone who gets no reviews for a year and then two within five minutes of each other. We had one other guy who got seven in the same day. To me this is a red flag. To me you should always be asking for reviews, and they should come in little by little. The exception is Ken who gets tons of reviews, all of them being unique, and the end is never in site. But, for the rest of us, when I see more than one review for an individual on the same day, I suspect fraud. Then, I start investigating.

Sometimes I’ll call the people who wrote the review, or email them. Other times I’ll email the notary to ask them what they did. There was an example of a notary who got lots of different reviews the same day. I verified the reviews and they were legitimate which is lucky for him. I have various ways of doing detective work. I can look at the IP addresses and look for duplicates. I can also look at the IP addresses and see if they are from the same city or town where the reviewer claims to reside or have their office. I can email or call people too. But, here is what I think.

123notary has a points system. Your renewal price is based on a base price and then discounts based on how desirable you are as a notary. The perfect notary has no complaints, has reviews, 123notary certification, lots of clicks, a great notes section, and more. But, we don’t just give the same amount of points for every review. That would be too simple. We give more points if the reviews are spread out.

Say for example that you get one review every ninety days. You would get a lot of points in our system. You might only have three reviews, but you will get a healthy dose of points. On the other hand, if you got three reviews the same day 180 days ago, you will get very few points from us. We like reviews that look organic more than we like reviews that someone had to beg for or is suspected of writing themselves. Of course, we would rather have reviews you begged for than no reviews at all, but at 123notary, we have ways to check the validity of your reviews. In the future, we might even give extra credit for Title company reviews! So, fear not. 123notary is not out to get you. We just want to know that the information we’re putting on our site has integrity!

Additionally, do what notaries never do and picture yourself being the person reading your profile. If you are a regular guy and you notice that your six reviews are all from the same day in 2011, you will really start to wonder. How come they are all on the same day and why aren’t there any reviews recently? People will scratch their head and think you wrote them yourself.

Getting six reviews all from 2008 doesn’t do you any good unless your name is Sarah Palin.


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