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April 14, 2015

Stating the obvious in your notes section

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Roughly 2% of notaries know how to write a really good notes section. We invest a lot of time trying to get the other 98% to write better notes. We basically have to do it for them which is sad. Wendy will call them and spend a lot of time getting critical information from them which they never wrote themselves in their notes section. Don’t you guys want business? Many of you behave as if you couldn’t be bothered!

What notaries need to know is that there are best practices for writing a notes section. There are certain things you write about and others you don’t. Where you put what you put is another consideration. Stating the obvious is a bad habit that many notaries do. They will write about things that they do which any non-mentally impaired notary would do.

I will get the documents back to you in a timely manner.
Comment: Even the worst notary who gets hired by anyone gets the documents back on time. Do you really need to say this? That is as useful as saying, “I promise not to kill the borrower’s cat while at the signing.”

I’m always on time
Comment: Very few people are always on time, and if you are — prove it, don’t claim it. Claiming it doesn’t add to your credibility.

I’m very professional
Comment: What does this mean? Professional at what? Do you have PhD in loan signing? If you are really that professional, you would be certified by five companies and list your certifications which are 3rd party verifications of your professionality rather than claiming it for yourself. Also, in my experience, the people who have nothing else to say about themselves except how professional they are are often the least professional of people. Claiming it doesn’t make it so!

I dress professionally
Comment: This gives me an idea of how you dress. But, why not be a little more specific here. Do you wear a suit and tie, tie and jacket, jeans and a very professional looking T-shirt? Maybe the T-shirt has an image of a tie on it.

2000 error-free signings
Comment: Making self-claims of how accurate you are doesn’t fly with Title companies. They see right through that nonsense. They will think you are a liar if you say this and then they will assume you lie about other things. Then, there are the 99.5% accurate folks. For people who are in the profession of hiring others, they track how accurate you are. They keep copious records for every single notary they’ve ever hired. They will decide how accurate you are on their own. They don’t need your potentially fraudulent misrepresentation of how accurate you are!


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