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August 16, 2014

Signing Co Saturday: Select gossip of the week

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Here is some interesting gossip about signing companies that should be fun to read.

Select Signings
The notary was informed verbally that would be no fax backs. But, the written instructions stated that all documents were to be faxed back. The next problem was that the borrower was assigned responsibility for paying for the signing. That is a very bad sign right there.

Accurate National Signing Service
There is a vibrant discussion here about how one notary is going to be filing papers with the DA’s office. Several notaries claim they are owed money by an individual who is allegedly associated with this company.

WFG National Title Insurance Company
The signings were all over 200 pages. Each time, the notary was assured they would get extra compensation because of the size of the package. The notary claimed that he needed to wait for a response about extra fee from a higher up, but that they kept you waiting until right before the signing to get that confirmation of extra fees. The notary tried calling, but couldn’t get through. The only thought that runs through my head is, what would Ken do? Have them paypal the funds in advance?

Global Notary
A notary was informed that there would be a 20 page fax back. However, upon arrival of the documents, the fax back was nearly fifty pages and 374 pages for all of the printing involved. Maybe it is time to have written agreements. I charge $75 for up to 150 pages per package for two package, and will include 20 pages of fax backs. If there are more fax backs required, I charge an extra $1 per page paid in advance!

The documents never came. But, several text messages came stating that the notary’s fees would be docked if they didn’t get the borrower to sign!

Speedy Closings
This notary charges 1% extra for each day after 31 days not paid and charges a $2 paypal fee as well. “Don’t be nice about it, you should get your check.”

C Viana & Associates
Docs will be there within 15 minutes and payment within 30 days. That is what was promised, but it took over an hour for the docs, and as time went on, payment got later and later according to one of the notaries on our forum.

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  1. Good job. This type of reporting will be very helpful especially with so many notaries dropping out of the business or dropping deadbeat sources. I’m now getting calls from companies I’ve never heard of before and knowing who is good and who to avoid may keep me from making the mistake of using the bad ones. They are all trying to cut their fees as it is and business is down so none of us can afford to take a loss on our hard work.

    Comment by Dorris S. Cox — August 16, 2014 @ 2:56 pm

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