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December 31, 2013

Where can I find someone to draft a Power of Attorney?

Where Can I Find Someone to Draft a Power of Attorney for Me?

The appropriate person to draft a Limited Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney is– an attorney! The best way to find an attorney is to ask someone you know who has been in a situation like yours and can recommend an attorney in your area. Another possible way to find an attorney is to look on the Internet. Websites such as can help you find a reputable attorney . Be sure you use a website where you can read reviews of the attorney from people who hired that attorney to draft a Power of Attorney or deal with similar issues you are facing. Also, you should call that attorney’s firm and see if they are pleasant and helpful, and will give you a free initial consultation on the phone. Use your instinct! If the law firm does not call you back or does not seem interested in your case– do not use that law firm. Google “Find an attorney in ________” and add your city and state. Then, search by the type of practice they do; usually attorneys who do Wills and Estate Planning will be the ones to call. In my experience, it is best to check several websites and call a number of attorneys. This project may take you several days, but it is the best way to find an attorney to draft a Power of Attorney. It is the same as choosing a notary: the ones with great reviews who answer the phone or call you back are the BEST!


December 29, 2013

Notarize This

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Notarize This

Notarize This” is a movie about a mafia notary and a Jewish shrink. It all starts out when Anthony is tired of the way his life is going.

Anthony: “I hate going to the gym and doing those hand strengthening exercises. All of my friends twisted my arm into doing it so I wouldn’t have a wimpy handshake”
David: “I understand how you feel. My friends are the same way. Well — not about the handshake thing, but about other things. They all want me to go to this writing workshop. Personally, I feel it is worthless unless you actually LIKE writing.”
Anthony: “Well, I think my handshake is good enough as it is. Let me show you.”
David: “I’m not sure if that’s a good id…… OOOOOOOOUCH — – LET GO OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, it is more than adequate.”
Anthony: “That’s what I told them, but they keep trying to get me to do more. Then there’s this other thing we do at the gym. We have this simulated leg thing, and we…”
David: “I think I see where this is going. I prefer not to hear the details. What about all the shady people you have to notarize. How do you feel about that?”
Anthony: “At first I kinda liked it. But, after I started reading the notary handbook, I realized that a lot of the stuff I’m being asked to do, isn’t exactly completely legal. I don’t wanna do no time in the can for that.”
David: “I see. I think we are getting somewhere. Have there been any requests that just rubbed you the wrong way?”
Anthony: “Actually, now that you mention it, I was asked to notarize Sully, but under the name Frankie. That really made me mad.”
David: “Have you ever tried hitting a pillow? Maybe that might make you feel better. It works for many people”

Anthony gets out this giant gold plated notary seal and rams the pillow on the sofa so hard that the sofa overturns.
Anthony: “Hmmm, you’re right. I never did that before. That DOES make me feel better.”

The next day

David is getting groceries and is about to load those groceries in the car
Guido: “Get in the car”
David: “But, what about my…” (smash… all of the eggs break)

David gets in the car as Guido grabs him from behind. The car is filled with Guido’s associates.
Guido: “We think you might know something about the notarization that Anthony was requested to do yesterday?”
David: “Well, as a shrink, I am sworn to secrecy. It is like being a priest in many ways.”
Guido: “Good, make sure none-a-dat gets disclosed to nobody — capiche?”
David: “Capiche! OWWWW…. let go of my %@$’s”
Guido: “Make sure dat doesn’t get out there”
David: “It won’t, believe me it won’t”.

That evening
Anthony: “I heard that my friends had a get together with you. Sorry about the groceries. I bought you a few things. They don’t like me seeing you by

the way.”
David: “I figured that out”
Anthony: “But, honestly nobody will be able to get that information out of you.”
David: “Really?”
Anthony: “Come with me”

Anthony and David go to the roof.
Anthony: “Come hear”
David: “I am here”
Anthony: “No –, not there here — here here…”
David: “Why?”
Anthony: “Just come here, I’m going to teach you something valuable, like what you would have learned if you had gone to those writing workshops”
David: “Oh…, I understand”
David: “Oh my god….. You’re actually dangling me off a building… I’m 100 feet above the ground. There goes my laundry money”
Anthony: “Are you scared? Are you gonna tell me about the Sully notarization?”
David: “What Sully notarization?”
Anthony: “You know da one I’m talkin’ about — the Sully notarization, where Sully is Frankie?”
David: “There was no such notarization. Someone who I don’t know asked you to do it, but you never did it”
Anthony: “Exactly — you know something — you’re smart — I like that! You ain’t gonna talk. You’re safe!”

At the end of the movie, the mafia guys who don’t like Anthony associating with David end up in jail, and Anthony goes straight. David
does a great job of making a model citizen of Anthony — well, apart from the thing with the pillow — but, we’ll overlook that.


December 28, 2013

How often do you update your # of signings?

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Most notaries say that they don’t NEED to update their profile since nothing has changed. Why am I bugging them? But, your number of signings changes every time you do a signing.

So, login and change it from 1203 to 1204. You can also mention your number of signings in your notes section if it is noteworthy. If you have signed 12, you might keep it a secret as that is negative advertising. But, if you have signed 10,000, that is great.

What about 50,000 signings. It is humanly possible to sign that many? In such a case I would suggest claiming to only have signed 20,000 loans as it is more believable. Besides, if you have signed 20,000 loans, only a dozen people on 123notary will have signed (or claimed to have signed) more loans than you claimed.

Be real and look real — plus, keep up to date.
Get with the times man!!!


December 27, 2013

Notary Suicide Hotline

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This blog entry seems appropriate now that the holidays have set in. I’m sure many of us have a solid dose of holiday related depression with less sunlight, and an interruption of our daily routines.

“Hurry — we have a level 3 on line 2!”, said the neurotic manager of this organization. What organization was this, you might ask? It is none other than the Notary Suicide Hotline. But, I have never heard of this, you might say! It all came to Jeremy in a dream…

The dream…
It was a few days ago. Jeremy had a dream that he and a few notaries were having sandwiches. The bread was a foot long, but each sandwich only had a small cutlet in it. Then Jeremy went up to the 7th floor of a haunted mansion to hide, because he felt bad that the notary industry was so slow, and felt afraid too! So, Jeremy went to his psychic to do dream interpretation. The sandwiches had lots of bread which represented hard work, but very little cutlet which represented nourishment. That meant that the notaries were working too hard for not enough money!

Another dream
Then, the next night Jeremy went to sleep there was another dream. In the dream, the NNA had become very concerned about the emotional well-being of notaries throughout the country. Many were depressed, and a few even contemplated ending it all. Something had to be done. So, the NNA created the Notary Suicide Hotline.

The call
Notary: “Hello… (sob) It’s too upsetting”
Frank: “I’m sorry about what you are going through. Would you like to talk about it?”
Notary: “Yes… well… It was another $40 signing… boo hoo hoo!”
Frank: “I’m so sorry to hear about that — please hold”

Frank “Hey Sully, we have a level 3 on line 2, can you handle it?”
Sully: “I got it!”
Frank: “Sorry to keep you waiting, I am going to transfer you to Sully — he specializes in exactly this type of crisis”
Notary: “Oh…okay”
Sully: “Hi, this is Sully, I heard that you were offered yet another $40 signing”
Notary: “Yes, it is terrible — we deserve more, especially with fax backs!”
Sully: “I’m so sorry about that. How many fax backs were there?”
Notary: “There were 12. I can’t figure out why they need so many!”
Sully: “Maybe they are insecure. Just remember — it’s THEM, not YOU”
Notary: “Really?”
Sully: “Yeah, they are the guys with the problem, not you!”
Notary: “Do you really mean that?”
Sully: “Sure, we get this all the time. they are paranoid that someone didn’t sign ONE little document on one out of a hundred loan documents. My attitude is — deal with it. Don’t put the notary through hell. If the notary makes a mistake, just don’t use them again unless they have a good track record.”
Notary: “That makes me feel so good. You are really on my side!”
Sully: “Hey… we have been dealing with this for a long time. It never ends. And for $40. It is ridiculous. They should pay at least $90 for those types of signings. But, don’t feel bad, just ride the wave until the economy picks up. They, maybe you’ll get lots of $125 signings, especially if you have experience.”
Notary: “I feel so hopeful now. I pictured everything being gloomy forever!”
Sully: “Nothing lasts forever. What goes down, must come up again, right?”
Notary: “That’s true. When the economy was good before, I thought it would last forever. Now that things are slow, I am depressed thinking that things will be slow forever. But, that isn’t true. Everything in the notary industry is cyclical!”
Sully: “You got it. So… you’re not thinking of ending it anymore, right?”
Notary: “No, you talked me out of it. How can I ever thank you?”
Sully: “Well, this week we are having a special, buy three NNA journals, get a half-price ticket to one of our seminars, what do you think?”
Notary: “Well, how much are three journals?”
Sully: “$40, but without the fax-backs!”
Notary: “It’s a deal!”

So, ends our level 3 suicide hotline call. Thank got it wasn’t a level 10. Level 9 is when a notary is standing at the edge of a bridge holding a stack of pre-fax-back loan documents. I’ll leave it to your imagination what a level 10 is. You need a lot more experience handling those types of calls.

(1) The Notary Suicide Hotline — making sure notary commissions expire before the notaries do since 1932.
(2) Notary Suicide Hotline: “I have a level 3 on line 2, can you handle it?”
(3) Notary Suicide Hotline: “May I help you?”
Notary: “I’m tired of $40 signings w/fax backs!”
(4) Don’t put the notary through hell. If the notary goofs, just don’t use them again.
(5) Dream: A long sandwich w/3 little cutlets inside.
Interpretation: Notaries doing too much work for too little money.

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December 21, 2013

Speed Notarizing vs. Speed Dating

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Speed Dating vs. Speed Notarizing

There was a notary who was single and ready to mingle. He did everything quickly. So, he went to a speed dating event. He met 30 girls in 60 minutes.

When asked how he liked it, he said, “Too slow”. He was kidding. His method was to walk into a room, find the one person he wanted to talk to most, and go talk to them. If that didn’t work, he left and went to another party or gathering. He called it “speed-scanning”.

But, that notary had an interesting situation downtown that reminded him of his speed dating engagement. He was to do some notarizing for a room full of employees for a huge company who occupied an entire floor in a high rise. There would be 100 of them, and he was going to get paid $10 cash per person. Yay! Easy money for once in his life.

The notary arrived at 10am as appointed. The boss came in and said, “Bad news, we only have 70 of our employees in the office now. But, a few stragglers might come later.” The notary, being an organized guy suggested that they make a list of names and phone numbers. One list of people here now, and another of those who were not around. So, one of the assistant’s did exactly that. Our notary had the assistant call in 10 of the signers, and then do a “refill” of five at a time whenever the line dropped to five people. That way there would always be movement and he would never run out of work to do. So, our notary guy got his first 10 signers.

Notary guy made sure each signer had their identification ready, and that it wasn’t expired. He made sure they had a pen handy too. He started them on his left. He recorded the identification and the document name. Then he had them come to the right to sign the journal. Then, he filled out the form. It was like an assembly line with a stamp! But, the dialogue was different based on a force of habit that notary guy learned — well, you know where!

Notary: “You have beautiful eyes”
Signer: “Excuse me?”
Notary: “May I see your ID?”
Signer: “Sure, if I can see yours!”
Notary: “Okay… here’s mine. So, what do you do?”
Signer: “I’m in bookkeeping”
Notary: “Just don’t keep my book, I might need it tomorrow!”
Signer: “Oh, I wouldn’t think of it!”
Notary: “Please sign the journal”
Signer: “Okay!”
Notary: “Are you sure you are not a doctor? That looks like a doctor’s signature!”
Signer: “No, I just sign a lot, so my signature is really fast. You should see me at the supermarket on those digital signature pads — swoosh!!!”
Notary: “So, what do you do for fun?”
Signer: “Well, I like to…”
Notary: “Buzz…. sorry, your two minutes are over. NEXT!!!!”
Signer: “I don’t get it”
Notary: “Oh, sorry, I do a lot of speed dating. I guess I have done it so much, that I am still doing it even when I am not doing it. We can exchange phone numbers if you are still interested!”
Signer: “Well, I don’t usually…”
Next Signer: “Hey, there are other people in line”
Notary: “See why speed dating experience comes in handy? Learning to deal with time pressure comes in handy right about now!”
Signer: “Boy oh boy… you don’t kid around. If we do on a date, I hope it is more than two minutes!”
Notary: “Thanks for your phone number, and yes it will be. It will be at least 20 minutes — as a matter of policy”
Signer: “20 minutes — I have never heard of anything like this before.”
Notary: “It is a system… it works”
Signer: “How long is the 2nd date”
Next Signer: “Hey, do you mind? — here’s my ID”
Notary: “My personal rule for the 2nd date is that it is two hours. You ease into knowing the person. You don’t just spring it on yourselves”
Signer: “Wow, that is really interesting. From 2 minutes to 20 minutes to 2 hours. If you like each other, is the 3rd date 2 days?”
Notary: “It could be, but let’s take this step by step. Just bring a pen to the first date?”
Signer: “Why, are you going to ask me to sign your speed dating journal?”
Notary: “You’ll find out, but there is a very distinct chance that you might be right!”
Signer: “See you then.”

Our Notary guy made off with 10 phone numbers of beautiful women. He dated them all for exactly 20 minutes at the same Starbucks — one after the next. The phrase that kept being repeated loudly three times per hour on schedule at the frappachino line was,

“You’re dating him too?”

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December 20, 2013

Hospital Signings

“Many notaries say they do not do hospital signings because they are depressing,” admits a Virginia notary. “However, these notarizations do provide an opportunity to give hope to people who may not be around much longer, and allow the notaries to see a side of life that makes them grateful for whatever they have.” “It’s always worth doing something for someone in pain,” adds one Tennessee notary who did the following notarization.

“It was for a diabetic who had had some kind of complications. She asked me to come to the hospital. She was on a gurney, but she needed cash out from her home, a refinance, and she was desperate,” recalls this accommodating Tennessee notary. “Every time her blood sugar dipped, we had to stop.” It is hard to imagine that nurses and doctors would allow a signing to take place under such conditions… but, I guess when people need money, they allow for all sorts of things. The woman got her money out of her home so she could pay her medical bills. “I wonder if she got to do anything else with some of that refinance money,” our Tennessee notary asks. “She was a fun person, but I guess all that sugar caught up with her. I try to avoid hospital signings, but will do them if people can’t find anyone else,” she says.

One Maryland notary signed a veterinarian at an animal hospital. The refinance took place right on the operating table after the young doctor had finished operating on a cocker spaniel who had a cyst. Operations on dogs cost anywhere from $1000 on up, so this knowledgeable young vet was able to purchase a new home in an area of Maryland from which lots of dog lovers commute to D.C. This particular dog belonged to a retired army colonel, and was his pride and joy. “It was the only ‘hospital signing’ where I wasn’t working for the patient,” our Maryland notary recalls.

A more dismal hospital visit was made by a mature male Virginia notary who was shaken by what he saw. “It was in the middle of a hurricane, well, during one part of a hurricane. Getting there was awful. But I was asked to go notarize a will. Well, this guy was in the hospital bed…and I realized he had been amputated from the navel down. But it gets worse,” says our Virginia notary. It seems they “had amputated one leg–but it was the wrong leg…so they ended up amputating both legs.” The notary pauses as if he is sighing. He asks me not to include the name of the hospital, and adds,”You have trouble sleeping after seeing something like this. This man didn’t know how long he would live, and he had pretty much lost his faith in doctors, the military, and everyone else but me. This put a lot of weight on me, and I tried to be as kind as possible and not show how truly upset I was. That man never recovered, but I have never recovered from seeing him and hearing his story,” says our Virginia notary.

A slightly more upbeat hospital signing was for a ‘cash out,’ a refinance, and the notary was asked to come to the hospital. “I ended up signing this woman on the commode,” says our undaunted Maryland notary. “Sometimes,” she points out, “you just have to go the extra mile… even if it just means sitting still.”

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December 18, 2013

Notarizing For a Minor — Identification!

It is not that common to notarize the signature of a minor, but at some point you might be asked to. A minor who needs to be notarized must be positively identified just like everyone else even thought their signature is not legally binding. But, if you need a notary for a minor — what type of identification can they get? The DMV can issue them a state ID card if they are not licensed to drive yet. If they are old enough to drive, you could get a drivers license. Another possibility is to go to the Post Office and apply for a passport which is another acceptable type of identification for being notarized. One benefit of passports is that they are valid for ten years while state issued ID’s are generally only good for four or five years!

So, if you are asked to notarize a minor, you can give the parents a tutorial about acceptable types of identification for their benefit! And remember — when notarizing a minor, please document in your journal that the signer is under 18 — and you might also document their exact age as well! Be professional when you do an “underage notarization”! Do it right!


December 16, 2013

Jeremy loses at Notary Monopoly!

I was playing a seemingly innocent game of notary monopoly. There is really no such thing, but for the sake of a creative article — there is. I passed “Go” (the 30 day mark), collected $200, and proceeded. It was all going so well until I landed on Chance and had to pick a card. Of all the luck, I picked the “Escrow Officer from Hell” card. The most “unluckiest” card in the whole deck. In real life when you meet a bad Escrow Officer you lose time and get a huge headache that you remember years after the fact. But, in notary monopoly, you simply lose a turn — which is symbolic of your lost time. Then, you pay a fine of $300 to symbolize your headache. Not a fair comparison, but this is a board game and this is the best you an facsimilate these conditions. So, I lose a little time and lost a little money. Life is like that.

Then, I landed in a place where I could buy land, and then build a hotel. It is analogous to purchasing a top spot on 123notary. It might be expensive, but when people “land” on your hotel, you might get a good job from a Title or Escrow company, hence, making your investment worth while. In real life, you can purchase a spot on 123notary whenever you like. The top spots are not always available, but you can always buy the highest available spot. Monopoly is a little different. So, I purchase the land and planned to save up for a hotel. If I passed Go a few more times I would have the money.

I thought life was good until I landed on the Certification spot. I started screaming, “I don’t need your dumb certification, I’m already certified by the NNA”. It didn’t do any good. I lost $100 and got Certified. In the game you don’t actually have to study to get certified which is kind of nice because in real life you do. Little did I realize how helpful this would be to me in the future. I landed on the Income Tax spot, lost $100, and went around the block a few more times. I saved enough money and was just about to purchase my first hotel, when I landed on the Elite Certification spot. $300??? Don’t I have enough redundant certifications already? I couldn’t buy the hotel — and I was mad!! But, there was a rule that I hadn’t read about in the rule book. If you are Elite certified, you get a 30% discount on your hotel since you have more credibility. Hmmm. Now, I can afford that hotel I was dreaming of. So, I purchased my hotel in “San Francisco” and started saving up for Phoenix, AZ and Miami, FL. I guess I’m thinking like a Nationwide Signing company would operate if they were buying spots on 123 notary — a little here — a little there.

After dozens of more rounds, my competitor Frank had purchased Dallas and Riverside, and I had lost most of my money paying hotel dues. The maids at his hotel were very aggressive too. When the clock struck 10:57am they started pounding on the door yelling, “Check out’s at 11”. The game kept going on forever. Frank and I had almost the same quantity of hotels and nothing seemed to make either of us win or go broke. Finally, luck was in my favor.

Frank stumbled upon the Chance spot again. He got the, “Signing gets delayed due to readers, and can’t make it to the next signing on time” card. That set him back a turn. Then, he got the “Traffic is bad, you get to the signing late” card. I was lucky and got the, “Get a great new client who pays you $1000 per week who found you on 123notary” card.

Then, my luck turned for the worse. I landed on the “Your seal got stolen” spot and then wouldn’t you know it — I landed on the Go to Jail because you were busted by the Secretary of State spot. I had so much bad luck, I had to sell Frank one of my hotels and he eventually won the game.

The moral of the story is that the signing business is just like monopoly. Strategy is only 20% of the game. The rest is luck — generally bad luck. Here are some more of our cards you might want to avoid.

Seal got lost
My Journal got stolen
Signing company didn’t pay you for notary work
Get a great new client who pays you $1000 per week from 123notary
Go to Orange county
Notary Signing gets delayed due to readers, and can’t make it to next signing
Traffic is bad, you get to signing late
Signer changes mind and doesn’t want to sign
Information not consistent with what the lender said, signing cancelled.
You forgot to update your listing = go to jail
Jail signing, go to “a” jail, but not “to” jail and make $200

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December 15, 2013

Advice to new notaries: Interview with a Veteran Notary

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I love doing loans signings, and have done them for ten years. I have been in Real Estate for 30 years, but I like the loan signings better. I’ve met all kinds of people, and the NSA has a chance to help them all.

RE new NSAs: Notaries have to know when to keep their mouth shut. If there is something on the loan docs the borrower wants to know about, always give them a general answer– but if you say the wrong thing, forget it!
For instance, a notary could say “I can get you a better interest rate!” But we don’t know why those figures are there– why the person has the rate he/ she has. Don’t comment! That particular loan can fold. But the notary may not know the workings of the escrow to get it to that point. ALWAYS have the borrowers contact the Loan Officer. I am old enough to know that if that borrower is so upset, I can handle it.

You can look around the home and know how to handle the signing. For example, at Christmas, I went to a home where the borrower was disgusted. They were packing to go on a trip, and a lot of things were set up to go. They had a baby. That tells me “Say some reassuring things.” I mother them. The loan had taken 7 months, and it was Christmas eve day. It had taken so long! I told her I understood, and that I could leave if she wanted me to. She saw I was experienced and that I cared, and she calmed down and signed. She might not have signed for another notary.

One time a borrower did not show for about 30 mins– there was a girlfriend living in the house, and there was a wife– the man was buying her out! I had to tell them to stop the bad language, and she was also afraid that he was going to take all the money. I said “I’m out of here”— but then they calmed down and signed. A new notary would have panicked and left. But I got them to sign: their marriage was over, and they needed the money. I did a reverse mortgage for a man who sold Fuller Brush. The man wanted to read it all– three hours! I looked around the house, and he had nothing there! He didn’t even have enough income to support himself and his disabled son. I knew he needed the loan and I let him read. I asked him “Do you know what I just read?” He didn’t. I had to make him understand what the APR is (briefly; a generic answer–like you have on 123notary–in the Ninja book.) After the signing, he came to the house and handed my daughter a $50 gift certificate. He was so grateful. This was years ago.

Every situation is different. You need to adapt to that situation. You are doing the borrower a disservice if you just point and sign.
You should also never backdate. There is always someone who will talk if you do something wrong. The only person who is not going to talk is me. But you can never trust the company not to come back to blame you in the future–so don’t backdate!

These borrowers are real people– not just numbers. Be sure you know about the documents!
Instead of taking low-ball offers — take a course and study the loan documents! This will give you a lot of business. You do not need to take low offers to start out. Your printer and computer, phone, car insurance, gas– all these come out of what you make. You can’t print and do all this and do a loan for $60.

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December 1, 2013

How to get paid by out of biz signing companies!

Many notaries ask us how they can get paid by signing companies. Dealing with signing companies can be tricky. But, there are some basic rules of thumb you need to understand.

(1) You need to screen companies before you work for them.
That way you avoid the really bad ones and cut your losses. No notary gets paid 100% of the time, but if you avoid bad companies, you will raise your percentage for how often you get paid. Notary Rotary and 123notary have excellent resources in our lists of signing companies and the forum. You can read the gossip about hundreds of companies before you get involved. Stick you toe in before you jump if you don’t want to get in trouble!

(2) Don’t give too much credit to companies
Notaries get in trouble when they let a company rack up a huge bill. You need to keep track of the payment regularity for each company who you work for. If someone is delinquent on even one payment, don’t work for them until they clear that up. You need to keep your personal records for all signing companies on your person at all times just in case they call offering you work. I wouldn’t offer more than $400 credit to companies with a good rating on our list of signing companies. Don’t offer more than $200 credit to others who are either not ranked, or have mediocre rankings. If they want more work from you, they can paypal you funds up front or pay faster. No money, no honey!

(3) Visit our resources page.
There is a “how to make sure you get paid” page in our resources page. In that page there is a letter from hell which is a template for a demand letter. It works most of the time. But, if the company is out of business, even our demand letter might not work. Don’t get strung along to that point. Settle your finances quickly so that you don’t end up with a company owing you $3000 who is out of business. Keep track, and stay out of trouble.

(4) Your attitude makes a big difference
When I talk to notaries who have trouble getting paid, I notice a few things. First of all, all notaries have trouble getting paid from time to time. But, if a company is low on funds and can only pay a few of the notaries they owe money to, they will pay the ones they intend on using in the future. If you are a bad notary, or are a headache to deal with, you are LESS likely to get paid. Keep that in mind. Be pleasant and professional. One guy who didn’t get paid interrupted me each sentence. I couldn’t finish my thought without being interrupted. No wonder he didn’t get paid. The signing company must have gotten complaints about him. That is not a legitimate excuse not to pay him, but signing companies typically don’t care about what is legitimate or not! They do what they feel like.